Wednesday, March 28, 2018

2018 5x5 roster

That's my fantasy team this year (5x5 roto, 10 team (obv)). Not even sure you can see the picture, but my offense is going to be the goddamn wrecking crew if things pan out. We all know they don't usually, but in a 10-team league there's lots of opportunity for action in-season. I love this team 10 seconds post-draft. I fucking love roto baseball and draft day. One of the best days of the year by far. Opening day tomorrow. Let the influx begin.


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Daily Bread - 6/3

Clawing my way back thanks to the Royals and Rockies. Those run totals are legit everyday plays.

Quick note on the Stanley Cup, I'll be on the Preds tonight. 7 game series, home team up 2-0, game 3 always goes to the other side.

Let's get to it:

DBacks/Marlins Over 8.5 (-110) -- These two offenses are hot, neither pitcher is known for run prevention. Should be a fun game.

Cardinals ML (+150) -- Cards HATE losing to the Cubs and they lost a tough one yesterday. They'll bounce back today and this is a nice line because of Lester.

Rockies/Padres Over 8 (-105) -- Death, Taxes and the Rockies over. It's astonishing this line isn't 2 runs higher.

Royals/Indians Under 8.5 (-105) -- Death, taxes and the Royals over. Great price, too!

Tigers -1.5 (+140) -- I like the Tigers' offense today. Day game, at home, White Sox stink, weather's heating up. Lot to like here, plus Zimmerman is due for a quality start.

Nationals ML (-110) -- Been riding this all weekend. Nats are just better than Oakland.

Warrions Sweep & Jason Day Updates --Day made the cut but Jason Dufner is running away with it. Kind of hope he wins, he needs some positivity after his smokebomb wife left him for Tiger or something.

That's it, good luck, let's goooooooooo!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Daily Bread - 6/2

Man, o man, did I take a bath yesterday. Cavs just crapping themselves. Had their over on everything (missed first half thanks to a brick at the buzzer by Kyle Korver), Lebron's a bitch, Kyrie disappeared and I'm an idiot for not just loading on Durant & the Warriors.

Small slate today, pretty much all baseball plus a future on the Finals. Let's get to it:

Cardinals ML (+150) -- I like the Cards against the Cubs today for a couple reasons: 1.) Lance Lynn's on my roto team and I'm a shameless homer, and 2.) John Lackey looks like a horse.

Rockies/Padres Over 7.5 (-115) -- Death, Taxes and the Rockies Over. 7.5 again in San Diego!!!!

Yankees ML (-120) -- Yanks should beat up Frankie Liriano in his return from the DL. Could be a high scoring affair, might hop on the over, as well.

Red Sox ML (-130) -- Sox should bounce back in Baltimore tonight behind Porcello, although this Asher kid's pitched pretty well. That ends today.

Indians/Royals Under 9 (-120)  -- Death, taxes and the Royals under. They've actually been trending over during the last week or so. But I refuse to hop off this wagon.

Nationals ML (-135) -- Strasburg vs Triggs could be low scoring, but the Nats are just better. And Triggs is due for a shellacking.

Warriors Sweep NBA Finals (+600) -- Got on this at halftime last night. Honestly can't believe I got this juicy line. Should've bet more, Golden State is on a mission.

Jason Day wins the Memorial (Update) -- Shot +3 75 yesterday. Brutal.

That's it, happy Friday, good luck, let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Daily Bread - 6/1

8-5 yesterday, ended up adding a few extras to the docket by way of Carlos Martinez and Max Scherzer's strikeout totals. Over, obviously.

Nice little start to this series, total's up to 14-9-2 on the short week.

NBA Finals are finally here, let's get to it:

**Disclaimer** I'll for sure be adding to the Finals slate. Love the over everywhere and am going to take Lebron triple-double plus more player props.. tomorrow I'll have full results and may post an update to this pre-game. If I'm not half in the bag.

Cavs Over 54.5 Team Total in 1st Half (-130) -- This has been hitting all playoffs and is relatively low. Should be a great game, lot of scoring, Cavs being underrated a bit. I don't think they win, but I think they hit this with relative ease.

Brewers/Mets Over 8.5 -- Jake deGrom ripped my heart from my ribcage used it for BP yesterday in a colossal stinker. Today it's Wheeler vs another guy who pitches for the Brewers. Bats heating up, love the over.

Dodgers ML (-120) -- Dodgers won't get swept in StL. Book it.

Indians -1.5 (-105) -- Long awaited return to Kluberica this morning. Btw these weird starts for Cleveland are f'ing with the whole schedule, but I'll never turn my nose up at morning baseball.

Red Sox ML (-130) -- Here's hoping last night's offensive outburst from the O's isn't a sign of things to come against Eddy Rod, who's been great. If so, Sox can slug it out with the best of them & Wade Miley isn't scaring anyone.

Blue Jays Over 4.5 Team Total (-110) -- Jays offense is finally healthy and they're facing CC. Bombs away.

Twins ML (-105) -- Twins have been cold after a hot start but the Angels are and have always been bad.

Rockies/Mariners Over 8.5 (-115) -- Death, taxes and the Rockies over.

Jason Day wins the Memorial -- Love this, he's due and in fine form lately after a tough start to the season personally.

Good luck, let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Daily Bread - 5/31

6-4-2 yesterday. Not bad! Pushed two point totals.

Good action today. Let's get right to it:

Penguins -1/2 (+115) Reg Only & Penguins -1/2 (+165) 1st Period -- Kind of thinking this is a home team series. Pens seem tough. I don't know anything about hockey. Should be a hell of a game, though.

Cubs Over Team Total 4.5 (-110) --  Yea yea, the Cubs are struggling. But, they have a track record of hammering the ball. Luis Perdomo has a track record of getting hammered.

Phillies/Marlins Over 7.5 (-115) -- Marlins are heating up. No Stanton today, but that doesn't matter. Phillies will scratch a few across in their own right.

Mets -1.5 (+120) -- deGrom all day. Bonus to those who can take his props over any amount of Ks today, too.

Cardinals ML (-120) -- Cards are hot, Martinez on the bump, think he handles the Dodgers.

Nats -1.5 (-110) -- Scherzer vs Matt Cain? Christmas comes early.

Astros ML (-130) -- Interesting matchup here with the Twins. 'Stros bringing up top 100 prospect David Paulino to start on the road. Here's to a pleasant debut.

Rays ML (-130) -- Archer vs a guy with a hyphenated last name. Seriously.

Tigers/Royals Under 9 (-105) -- Death, taxes and the Royals under.

Rockies/Mariners Over 7.5 (-115) -- 7.5!!!!!! Death, taxes and the Rockies over. James Paxton Shmames Paxton.

Good luck, let's gooooooooooooooo!


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Daily Bread - 5/30/17

Howdy folks,

Been awhile. Not for any good reason, either. Too much time on Twitter, perhaps.

Anyways, I've been kicking around a couple of ideas for the blog that are mostly for my own records/good, but thought, 'what the hell, nobody reads me anyways', so I'm going to start a new series called Daily Bread. It's about gambling. On the reg.

Quick snippits about my picks for the day, a pic to prove it and I'll keep track of how I'm doing unit-wise.

Happy wage- umm.. prognosticating!

Marlins -1.5 (+170) over Phillies -- Easy pickin's here.. Marlins are due for a winning streak and Philly/Vin Velasquez are awful. Just ask my roto ERA/WHIP.

Pirates ML (-115) over DBacks -- Don't look now, but Pittsburgh's heating up and so are the Buccos. Arizona has been great to start the year, but their ancillary players are starting to slow down and the Golden Boy Paulie can only do so much on his own.

Brewers ML (-105) over Mets -- Literally never heard of Mets' starter Tyler Pill, and that's all I need to know about this one.

Brewers/Mets Over 9 (-110) -- See above. Also any pitcher for Milwaukee is ripe to get blasted in his own right.

Cubs/Padres Over 8.5 (-110) -- I've been on these low game totals in San Diego for a couple weeks now. Both pitchers are in the bigs for a cup of coffee and both offenses can be explosive.

Nationals ML (+100) over Giants -- Nats much better than SF even if their star player isn't fist fighting opposing pitchers.

Orioles ML (+125) over Yankees -- Pure value play here. Severino has been good for the Yanks, but he's no world beater and the O's can rake in Camden Yards. Also getting Adam Jones back tonight.

Tigers/Royals Under 9 (-110) -- Death, taxes and the Kansas City under. Plus Verlander tonight, plus bad weather. LOCK.

Astros/Twins Under 9 (-105) -- Mike Fiers isn't great, but this Twins offense is boom or bust and lately it's been more of the latter. Also, Jose Berrios has a great matchup against a tough but K-prone Houston offense. Playing my gut here after the Twins got beat by an 11-run 8th inning last night and thinking this one stays under.

Mariners/Rockies Over 11 (-105) -- Death, taxes and the Rockies over in Coors Field. Or away from Coors Field.

Angels -1.5 (+155) & Angels Over Team Total 4.5 (+105) -- Our homie Big Sexy Bartolo has had a tough start to the year. Even without Mike Trout, I'm banking on a couple home runs and BSB getting generally tagged around the yard tonight.

Good luck, let's gooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Monday, January 16, 2017

The win that wasn't - A Nebraska Football Tale

Posted this at Royals Review under the Worst Sports Losses column. Was too harrowing not to commiserate on here.

LINCOLN, NE – 2006 was supposed to be the year. The year we pointed to as justification of all the post-Osborne & Company rebuilding. Bill Callahan was the coach. The Huskers were actually throwing the football, and playmakers resided outside the numbers rather than inside the trenches. Change was afoot, and it appeared to be working.
On October 21st, NU was 6-1, with their only loss coming in a hard fought bout with then top-ranked USC, and Lincoln was abuzz with another top-5 team looming in the shadows of the Memorial Stadium press box. There, history is etched into the facade, only the paint had long since dried- Nebraska had gone 7 years without a conference title.
Was this the year they find themselves back in the Big 12 (and national) conversation? Beat Texas, and you might find out. It would be NU’s first win over a top-10 team in 5 years.
A friend and I were sophomores at Nebraska, tailgating our asses off to prepare for a blustery 2pm kickoff. We didn’t miss a game during our college careers. None stands out today as much as the one we were about to take in.
The Huskers played well in the first half, taking a quick 7-0 lead but falling behind 16-7 by the end of the second quarter. Colt McCoy and Texas’ offense was held to field goals where they were used to scoring touchdowns. Nebraska’s offense was keeping a vaunted Longhorns defense at bay.
Both teams would be held scoreless in the 3rd quarter, but Nebraska was piling up yardage and momentum.
Early in the fourth quarter, the Huskers scored on a long catch and run by Brandon Jackson to pull within two, 16-14. The crowd was on its feet.
Texas answered with another field goal. 19-14, Nebraska football.
Then came the snow.
With NU calling a timeout around Texas’s 20-yard line, the skies opened, the wind picked up and the fans, eager to keep warm and desperate for a signature win, were going ballistic. Bouncing all over each other. Did I mention it was a ‘Blackout’ game in the student section?
As the Huskers broke the huddle, snow now falling in thick flakes, wind swirling, we could feel it. Hollywood couldn’t script it any better.
Zac Taylor takes the snap, tosses to Marlon Lucky headed to his right. Lucky dekes the toss sweep, steps back, and lobs a perfect option pass to Nate Swift all alone in the end zone. Touchdown, Nebraska. Permanent eardrum damage ensued. It was f’ing beautiful.
The Huskers failed to make the two-point conversion, yet here we sit, up 1, 5 minutes to play. This was it!
Nebraska forced Texas into a turnover on downs their ensuing possession. Now just to run out the clock.
First down, running play, minimal gain. (Chris Berman Voice: tiiiiiick tick tick tick tick).
Second down, same result.
Third down, Taylor rolls right and hits receiver Terrance Nunn for a game-clinching first down. Except Nunn fumbles.
Longhorns recover, McCoy drives them down the field, kicker nails the game-winner after being iced not once but twice.